Diabetes Mellitus, commonly known as Diabetes, is a metabolic disorder that causes high blood sugar. The hormone, insulin, coverts our blood sugar for energy storage. With diabetes, your body can’t produce enough insulin (type-1) or the insulin produced is ineffective (type- 2)

People who have this ailment realize how stressful diabetes can be. Living with diabetes and fitting your life around it is something that takes staunch dedication. To learn how to effectively manage diabetes to live a healthy life, we invited Dr. Atif Munir, a leading endocrinologist in Lahore.

While there is no cure for diabetes, Dr. Atif suggests knowing your condition and its risk factors is the first step towards living with diabetes. Risk factors such as obesity, use of steroids and lifestyle can greatly increase the risk of one developing type- 2 diabetes. Where some factors such as age and genetics are unalterable, we do have control over our physical health in relation to weight, daily activity, and diet.

Moreover, he also advised on the importance of certain lifestyle modifications such as eating a balanced diet and exercising routinely. Please watch the full video to learn how to live a happy and wholesome life with diabetes.

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