Losing weight is not only a necessity in diabetes, but it can also help manage the disease. Losing weight will help improve the blood sugar levels of a diabetic person, help them feel better overall and also improve insulin sensitivity. Losing just about 7 percent of body weight can improve insulin sensitivity by 57 percent. If you are a diabetic, then read on to find good ways to bring the scale down:

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Cut the carbs:

For diabetics, the right way to lose weight is to maintain a balance between the major food groups. Of these, cutting the carbs is the most effective in weight loss and diabetes control. The latter should not make more than 45 percent of daily calories.

The glycaemic index of foods that a diabetic person eats is also important. This means that although a particular food item may contain fewer calories, the overall spike in the blood sugar level it brings is high. Therefore, foods with a low glycaemic index are preferable. For instance, whole grains, and high fibre fruits and vegetables have a low glycaemic index, as opposed to white bread and pastries.

 Maintain protein intake:

Proteins help the body feel fuller and maximize calorie-burning potential. Of the daily meal portion, 20 to 30 percent should be made of lean meat like fish, skinless grilled chicken, or tofu. Proteins are also useful as they don’t cause spikes in blood sugar level. Protein diet, when paired with the right exercise regimen, helps build lean muscle, and burn more calories.

Maintain a healthy mindset:

Like with any project that one undertakes, constant monitoring of progress is important and setting particular goals are also important. However, the goals one sets with a diabetic weight loss program should be realistic, keeping in mind: the age, gender and body type. It would be even better to seek the help of a professional to design a diet program according to body needs.

Choose the right diet:

There are plenty of diet programs out there for losing weight. According to the British Diabetic Association, choosing the right diet goes a long way in helping you lose weight. Thus, it is better that one chooses a diet program that fits one’s lifestyle. This way there is a higher chance of maintaining the weight and not gaining it soon after.

Get support from friends and family:

In your long term weight loss plan, get your family and friends on board, so they can help you lose weight by being supportive. Also, talk to your healthcare provider to get the right pointers. Plan ahead around special events and set short term goals. Reward yourself when you meet these goals.

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